Q: Are you insured?

A: Yes, Certificate of Insurance is available if needed

Q: Are you Licensed?

A: Yes, in both New York and New Jersey

Q: Do you have unmarked cars?

A: No. Things have changed over the years, at one time having an exterminator seemed to implicate a lack of sanitation and represented something to be embarrassed about, now employing a Pest Control company expresses proper maintenance, especially with the current use of Integrated Pest Management. Also things have changed in terms of security at the home, gone are the days of leaving your doors unlocked and trusting that whoever shows up at your door is who they say they are. Our Technicians drive marked cars or trucks and wear uniforms.

Q: Are the chemicals toxic?

A: All pesticides are toxic in varying degrees, even the “natural” ones. They should always be used judiciously.

Q: Do the chemicals smell?

A: The honest answer is some yes and some no, it depends on what chemical is used and how sensitive is your sense of smell.

Q: How long are you in business?

A: The owner has been in the pest control business since 1968 and The Bug Runner was formed in 1971.

Q: Do you accept personal checks? Credit cards?

A: Cash, personal checks, credit cards and money orders are all acceptable forms of payment.

Q: Where’d you get that cute little bug logo?

A: Many years ago (when The Bug Runner had no logo) I placed an ad with one of my customers in a local charity magazine. When the ad was published I was happily surprised by the great design she came up with. I called and asked if I could “adopt” the little bug as my official logo and the Bug Runner “bug” was born!

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