All customers have a regularly scheduled visit. ( IE: 3rd Friday in the Am). Unless otherwise instructed by the customer, our technician will come to the house on that day, service the exterior (weather permitting) and if no-one is home leave a tag on the door requesting that the customer call to reschedule the interior service.

The account is automatically billed with a note, again requesting the customer to call and reschedule. Contract fees are based on a year’s service, for the customer’s convenience we will accept payment in installments based on the frequency of visits. There is no additional charge for the rescheduled visit.

I sent a check, why am I still getting bills?

Possible reasons: We made a mistake. Solution: Get the check number, dollar amount and the deposit date from the back of your check. Call, fax or E-mail this info and we can double check our deposit records and correct the account balance. The check in question was posted to a previous balance leaving the current month outstanding. Solution: We can go through your service and payment records together to clarify or correct the statement.

My service day falls on a holiday this month, what happens?

We send out postcards to reschedule clients on holidays. The card will tell you what day we chose, if it’s not good for you just give us a call and we will coordinate with you for a convenient day. Some customers anticipate the upcoming holiday and call in advance for appointments. Either way, everyone gets their service done. There is no additional charge.

It was raining on my service day, what about my outside treatment?

Sometimes we can still spray outside in the rain. If it’s just a drizzle and depending how the house is structured (overhangs etc.). Otherwise we automatically put customers back on the route when the weather clears up, usually within a week of the regular day. If your not home when we return, the technician will leave a card to let you know we were there and the outside serviced. There is no additional charge.

When do summer services start and stop?

Summer programs run for six consecutive months during the warm weather. Customers have the option of starting in April and ending with September service, or starting in May and ending with October service. You can also tack on an extra month: March-Sept, April-Oct. etc. At the end of the season summer accounts are put on “hold” until the following spring when they resume service at the regular rate with no additional “start-up” fee. Summer customers may also request service if they have a problem in the “off” season. IE: mice in December, call for an appointment, you’ll be charged one sixth of the summer fee, then go back on hold.

What is the prepay discount?

We offer a 10% prepay discount. Full year or six month blocks qualify. Call and we will work out the figures for your contract.