The Bug Runner provides emergency service WITHIN 24 HOURS

The office is manned 8:30 am – 5pm Monday through Friday (Saturday mornings as well during warm weather) and the answering machines are checked regularly during the off hours

The question is… What Qualifies as an emergency?

Sorry, not ants, not roaches, flies or lady bugs. An emergency is when there is an eminent threat to persons at the location in question.


  • Bees or wasps INSIDE the living quarters, breaking through the wall or ceiling, or activity blocking entry AND exit from the building
  • Bats in the living quarters
  • Rats (not mice) inside the living quarters (not just the attic)
  • Squirrels inside the living quarters (not just the attic)
  • Raccoons inside the living quarters (not just the attic)
  • Raccoons in or around the building during the day or acting in an aggressive manner – CALL THE POLICE!

Note: Never approach an injured or disoriented animal, wild or domestic, you cannot predict their behavior and you cannot know what, if any, communicable diseases they may carry. When dealing with unfamiliar mammals (cats, dogs, raccoons, bats, skunks) the possibility of Rabies must always be considered.