“Independently Bed Bug Certified”


  • Available at a discount to all Bug Runner customers
  • Completely Waterproof -absolutely will not let liquid pass
  • Fire Retardant – passes the cigarette burn test CFR Title 16 Part 1632 (FF4-72)
  • Breathable – keeps you cool in the summer and warm in the winter
  • Hypo-allergenic – keeps dust mites from getting into the mattress as they travel from the top down
  • Patent Pending Zipper with Hook – keeps zipper locked in place so bed bugs can’t reach the mattress or boxspring
  • Bite Proof – Bed bugs can’t bite through the special fabric
  • Superior – Fully encases the mattress for complete bed bug protection
  • Washes like a sheet in the washing machine – not bulky
  • Dries quickly on permanent press cycle
  • Contours to the style of the mattress – Does not compromise the comfort of a pillow top mattress
  • Heat and Pressure sensitive – can be used on Memory Foam mattresses
  • Easy application and removal – End zipper
  • A “Bite Test” and a “Penetration and Escape Test” were performed by a Board Certified Entomologist on the Softcover Ultimate, which is a zippered encasement product. These tests were performed to determine whether or not bed bugs can actively penetrate and feed through the fabric of the encasement and to discover whether or not the mattress encasement can be used as part of a bed bug exclusion or inclusion process.

The test results conclude that bed bugs can not bite through or penetrate through the fully laminated fabric or design of the encasement., thus proving Mattress Safe’s products prevent the infestation of bed bugs in mattresses and box springs. The bed bug certification and test results can be viewed at www.mattresssafe.com .

Mattress Safe Protectors can be placed directly on a mattress or over an existing mattress pad. Either way Mattress Safe Protectors offer complete mattress protection against moisture and any related stains that come in contact with the protector. The Softcover Protectors are not only waterproof and breathable but fire retardant and impermeable to dust mites, bed bugs, mold and bacteria.