There are many types of ants in nature, for our purposes we are not going to be too technical or comprehensive in this section. By far the most common ant we treat is the Carpenter ant (C-Ant).

Treatments/chemical applications: What chemicals are used and how they are applied is determined by the technician while at the house. Each house is different, we may start off with the same basic treatment, then based on the response, re-apply or vary the approach. Always we attempt control using the least amount of chemical, strategically placed, along with non-chemical interventions.

Cost: The office can give a price range over the phone, but the exact fee is determined by the technician upon completion of the job.

Warranty: The standard Bug Runner warranty for an ant treatment is 60 days. (extended warranties are available for an additional fee)

Post Treatment: After the initial service we ask the customer to allow ten days for the chemicals to work, during that time it is not unusual to see an increase in activity or to find ants in new areas. This is a common reaction to the treatment. If after the ten day period LIVE ants are found, the customer should call The Bug Runner and set an appointment for a “re-treat”. We will re-treat as many times as needed during the warranty, some homes need only one treatment, others may need several treatments, it varies with each job.